Blueprint & Co.

New York City

blueprint & co is a creative, executive open workplace. Daymond John, known as “The People’s Shark” on ABC’s Shark Tank, had a mission to design a space that creates a community of like minded individuals. He brought in our New York City team to ensure that this mission and creativity were echoed throughout the logo design, business signs, and interior branding.


The blueprint & co team wanted the interiors of the multi-floor workspace to reflect the characteristics of the entrepreneurs who inhabit it. Knowing that entrepreneurs have to lay a solid foundation to create their unique offerings, the blueprint pattern became the creative anchor of the space. The creative team was tasked with not only incorporating this pattern into unexpected places, such as translating the graphic to glass or using it as a visual framework for the skylights, but also with incorporating the logo in an “out of the box” way.

In order to produce this WOW moment when you first enter the space, we decided to create the logo using drafting pencils – members are welcomed into the space with a one-of-a-kind installation that ties back to the larger creative blueprint anchor.


Our production team thrives on new challenges and is excited when tasked to take on a project that has never been done before. The creation of a logo out of pencils was a first for the team and they rose to the occasion as always. Conceptualizing and prototyping is a regular part of our creative and fabrication processes and this logo was no exception. The team’s skills at trouble shooting early on resulted in a seamless production process and a truly unique finished product.

Custom printed wall covering, brushed metal dimensional lettering with a custom edge band, CAD cut vinyl, etched vinyl to glass, glow in the dark vinyl and paint masks rounded out the various materials utilized to bring this space to life.


Under a tight turn around time, following the hustle of the production team to turn out the graphics, the install team picked up and was able to furnish two floors of graphics in record time.